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We offer 100% organic fertilizers, ideal both for garden plants and for crops. Crops are the ones that give us health and strength, that why it is important that the products used to treat them are natural. We support healthy crops!

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Test was conducted in SCDA Pitești, Albota, Argeș county. Ursita autumn grain was planted in Luvosol albic soil type.

Date: 22.10.2021

The product used is Doloflor (soil fertilizer), that consists of double carbonate CaMg(CO3)2; Doloflor concentrations: CaCO3 60-65% and MgCO3 30-33%.

Benefits of Doloflor:

  • corrects soil acidity
  • improves nutrient structure and availability
  • promotes microbial activity
  • supply of secondary trace elements (Ca and Mg)

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Watch the video below to discover the results obtained using Doloflor and Agrocalcium on albic luvosoil fields, for grain, sunflower, corn and soy crops.

Cemrom fertilisers combat acidic soils and give plants vitality for harmonious development and optimal growth with rich fruit.

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