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100% BIO Fertilizer for healthy plants and rich crops

AGROCALCIUM is a product obtained by limestone fine grinding, with calcium carbonate content higher of minimum 90%. AGROCALCIUM is used for soil pH treatment and to improve its structure in order to be used for all types of soil and for all plants that need calcium.

Why Agrocalcium?
Calcium carbonate – soil nutritive source

Calcium carbonate is the calcium salt with the carbonic acid, which is a white solid substance with the CaCO3 chemical formula.

It is spread in nature in the form of minerals. In the rocks it is found as limestone, where it is almost in pure state, and as dolomite. Calcium carbonate is almost insoluble in water, and in rains and acid rains the calcium hydrate is formed, Ca (HCO3) 2, which is slightly soluble in water.

In agriculture, it is used as addition for acid lands. One of the greatest issues of agriculture in Romania is the quality of soils – these are very acids because of the excessive use of fertilizers and other chemical substances that result in a pH decrease.

For gardening works, calcium carbonate is used as a nutritive source for plants and increases the nutritional substances consumption.

100% BIO Agrocalcium fertilizer benefits

  • It treats soil acidity and increases its PH;
  • It allows production to grow by increasing the degree of fertilizer use;
  • It increases soil and stops coating;
  • It ensures strength under extreme conditions (dryness, acid rains) and water and air high permeability; it improves the soil microbial life;
  • Improves the soil microbial life;
  • It helps the circulation of carbon hydrates into the plant and it stimulates the decomposition of the spare protein substances in the germinating seeds;
  • It annihilates the K cation toxicity (potassium);
  • It is 100% BIO, and it can be used for organic crops.

Characteristics and use

Use of bio Agrocalcium fertilizer:

  • in agriculture;
  • in fruit growing;
  • in vegetable growing;
  • it may also be used in food, in animal nutrition, in fodder;


  • the best results are obtained when fertilization with Agrocalcium is performed during ploughing, because it mixes with the soil and has a quick reaction (preferably early in the autumn or spring);

Use frequency:

  • whenever necessary to correct soil acidity.

Physical and chemical characteristics

  • State: powder
  • Color: light white-grey
  • Smell: odorless
  • Water solubility: 1,4%
  • Oxidizing dencity – none
  • Density: 2,61 – 2,69 g/cm3
  • Ph (T =20 in water) – 8-9
  • Melting point: > 600°C
  • Vapor pressure, vapor density,
  • Evaporation rate, freezing point – N/A.


Recommended doses

  • Field crops: 3 to/ha depending on the degree of soil acidity;
  • Fruit trees: 2,5 kg /tree depending on age;
  • Small areas, clay soils: 0,5 kg/m2.

Minimal transport requirements, handling and storage of the Agrocalcium biofertilizer

  • During transport, the bag pallets shall be fixed to prevent accidental turning and overturning;
  • Wrapped pallets can also be stored in uncovered areas on concrete platforms, provided that the foil is kept intact;
  • Bags shall be protected against kicks, perforations, cuts;
  • Number of bags on a pallet: 64
organic fertilizer

A healthy soil means richer crops. Choose AGROCALCIUM!

Due to the rich calcium carbonate content, AGROCALCIUM is the ideal choice for all types of plants that need a higher percent of calcium in soil, both for garden plants or crops.


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