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100% BIO Fertilizer for healthy plants and rich crops

Doloflor is a 100% BIO fertilizer, dolomite-based, Ecocert Certificate. It contains calcium oxide and magnesium of minimum 50% concentration. Active calcium and magnesium minerals in the Doloflor composition are essential for crop health, ensuring plants strength, having an important role in developing the root system and stems.

Why Doloflor?
Dolomite – the secret ingredient for health crops

Dolomite – is a long-term ameliorator of the acid soils and it has benefic effects on its quality.

This grants plants an excellent nutritional contribution is particularly indicated for high calcium and magnesium consuming crops (alfalfa, beets, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, corn, hemp, radishes). It is extracted uncombined as a stone (dolomite – mineral, which is part of the anhydrous carbonate group), which is as a powder after grinding.

Dolomite does not have phytotoxic effects on plants, even in a larger amount.

If you use Doloflor organic fertilizer, the quality of plants will considerably improve: they will be healthier, more fruitful and they will be tasty and aromatic. Another effect of the dolomite-based fertilizer use is the decrease in incidence of crops affected by pests.

100% BIO Doloflor Fertilizer benefits

  • It raises crops productivity by 30%;
  • By the rich calcium content, it has an effect on plat growth and strength;
  • It corrects soil acidity, thus being indicated also for the more sensitive crops;
  • Due to magnesium, the mineral that stays behind the photosynthesis process, this helps the good development of plants;
  • It is indicated for ecological crops.

Crops that answer best to the effects of Doloflor biofertilizer are the fruit tree, vine, vegetables and field crops. This organic fertilizer has benefic effects even on the crops that do not tolerate calcium excess.

Characteristics and use

Doloflor biofertilizer

  • in agriculture
  • for animal breeding
  • in fruit-growing
  • in vegetable growing
  • for garden plants

Physical and chemical characteristics

  • State: powder
  • Color: white, grey, yellow
  • Smell: odorless
  • Water solubility: 0,4-4 %
  • Partition coefficient: N/A (inorganic substance)
  • Oxidant characteristics: none
  • Density: 2,9 g/cm³
  • pH (T = 20°C in water): 9-10
  • Melting point: > 600°C
  • Fireproof: inflammable


Recommended doses

  • Field crops: 1,5 to/ha
  • Vegetables, vine: 3 to/ha
  • Fruit growing: ca. 2-3 kg/tree
  • For small areas: 0,3 kg/m2
  • Clay soils: 3-3,5 to/ha
  • Sandy soils: 2-2,5 to/ha

Doloflor fertilizer transport handling and storage minimum requirements

  • During transport, the bag pallets shall be fixed to prevent accidental turning and overturning;
  • Wrapped pallets can also be stored in uncovered areas on concrete platforms, provided that the foil is kept intact;
  • Bags shall be protected against kicks, perforations, cuts;
  • Number of bags on a pallet: 64
100% BIO fertilizer

For fertile crops, choose Doloflor

A fertile soil is the dream of every farmer. Plants will grow faster and better, productivity will increase and the work will be rewarded with rich harvest. Doloflor is a biofertilizer with a high calcium and magnesium content, minerals essential for the good development of plants. Choose the quality.


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